Farewell Fat Boy

Fat Boy, aka, Felix tragically passed away Wednesday, August 29, 2018

Fat Boy imitating the world famous “Turtle Cat” demanding a belly rub.

Fat Boy was survived by the humans that he kept, the dogs he tolerated, the Koi he wanted to eat but was too lazy, the backyard rats that live under the deck and enjoyed eating out of his bowl in front of him because, again, he was too lazy to stop them (in fact, he was offended they did not put any food in his mouth as a thank you gesture).

Fat Boy died tragically when the near sighted protector of the back yard, Buster, mistook him for an invading elephant seal in a cat suit. He was interned under the orange tree by J. Franklin back hoe service / pet mortuary. Fat Boy was around 11 years old.

He will be greatly missed by all that knew him.

He will be remembered as the “talking” cat when he would assume his daily turtle pose and he would look up and say “rowe”, indicating that the belly rubs can commence.

He loved to sit on my lap whenever he could so he could lovingly provide the 3 lbs. of fur that he would leave there when he decided to get up. (Little known fact: Fat Boy was well invested in lint roller stock.)

We will miss his independent attitude that could quickly be changed when you would rattle the cat food in his bowl at him.

Fat Boy was very proud of his more than obvious butt hole that he would proudly present to everyone’s face whenever the opportunity arose.

Fat Boy was diagnosed with “tailaphobia” in the last year of his life. He was terrified with his tail and would run (correction – waddle) away from it whenever he saw it. He would bravely attack it whenever it had the audacity to brush his face and would retreat in shock and pain after he chewed on it for a while.

The dogs will greatly miss Fat Boy’s tasty “Kitty Roca” treats that he would leave in his cat box for them daily. The humans of  his family, however, will not miss the foul breathed “kisses” the dogs would subsequently  give their masters immediately after the crunchy treat.

Fat Boy will be remembered for his occasional brave ventures into the front yard where he would refuse to come back in until he would be found in the morning at the front door with a shocked looked on his fuzzy face and an expression that said: “There’s animals out there!”

Angie will not miss the daily chore of sweeping up half a cat in loose Fat Boy hair that he would loving deposit on the floor and furniture he constantly rubbed up against to show his love of everything in the home.

In memorandum, please enjoy this pictorial representation of Fat Boys love of life:

Fat Boy on His Throne Awaiting the Servant’s Arrival With His Dinner
Fat Boy and the Cone of Shame – note the bright orange bandage on his tail (he hated it)
As His Tail Healed It Was Bald – He Hated It  So We Colored It In With a Sharpie – He Still Hated It

Please Click on the Link Below – Fat Boy Trying To Bathe Himself.

Attempt @ Bathing

Farewell Fat Boy

You Were The Best Fat Cat We Ever Had


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5 thoughts on “Farewell Fat Boy”

  1. Ive had alot of cats over the years, but this story beats any of mine! It sure was a pretty cat, but sounds like it took alot of care. This is quite the story!!

    1. Thank you. I need to find a replacement lap cat but it is hard to find one that flowed over your lap like Fatboy did.

      Somehow all of us feel related to Jenny. Normal families are boring.

      Thanks for the comment and support!


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