The views and opinions stated on this site are the views and opinions of the author only. After reviewing several blogs you will quickly realize that the author needs to adjust his medication from time to time and occasionally his medications don’t  work at all.

The views and opinions on this site DO NOT represent the views of normal people, members of the author’s family, friends or the Watchtower Bible And Tract Society nor any of it’s representatives.

No animals were harmed during the writing of this blog.

On occasion alcohol has been used as a motivator of the thoughts and ideas of this blog. Okay, most of the time but always in moderation. The Author reserves the right to determine how to define moderation.

At no time should the reader of this blog act out on any of the suggestions made by the author on this blog. If the reader should do so please be advised that you do so at their own risk and should not expect the author to bail you out of jail or visit you in the hospital.

If at any time the reader is offended by some of the content of this site please rest assured that the author never intended to offend or annoy the reader in any way. Most of the statements and opinions stated on this site are intended to be humorous and should not be viewed as a personal attack on any individual, groups of individuals or organizations. The basis for the statements and opinions expressed herein are rooted in common sense and logic so the author does not hold any expectations that said common sense and logic would be accepted by society in general as those qualities went out the window a long time ago.

If any readers are offended by the previous paragraph, please be assured that you are not that important.

If you are still reading his page then you should enjoy the rest of this site. If you have stopped reading this page because you took offense at something – your mother was a hamster and your father smelled of elderberries.

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